Testimonials And Stories

Research has been conducted around the world into effectiveness of Family Constellations, but the stories that people tell AFTER their constellations and how they change their lives sometimes are just unbelievable.

So, here I will post some stories that people were willing to write as well as some testimonials.


How I Came to Love my Mom

Love Triangle


August, 2022:

Feedback from a person who did their constellation several months before this account:

“Yes, I was going to tell you this in person but my life was turned upside down for a few months after my sessions, I lost everything I could possibly lose except my health. Then, miracles started to happen, today I own two businesses and my sister became my best friend, I have the deepest relationship with my father who I barely talked to before and a lot of understanding/compassion for my mom. I live in my dream apartment and drive my dream car. I love myself more than ever and I’m enjoying this journey in this body. More than anything, I trust the universe and the flow of my life. I’m working on manifesting and attracting the love of my life and my own beautiful future family today. I know and trust the right person is looking for me and we will find each other when the time arrives.”

September 10th, 2017:

Feedback from one of the participants of today workshop:
“Galina, we all were super impressed by your workshop. Lots of things to resonate. J. immediately said he wants to do it for himself. We might be observers again at the next one.
So much to learn.
Thank you for your expertise!”

June 2017:

This happened four days after a special constellation done using figurines. The client’s constellation revealed that she had “become a parent” to her mom, among other issues. This is what she wrote four days later:

“I wanted to reach out to you, because something amazing JUST happened – serendipitous if you will. My mom is talking to me on the phone, and her exact words were just – “I am learning to not be a victim, even though my family was stressed and my dad died when we were young and everyone saw us as “such a shame kids who lost their dad” – then she said – “it was no ones fault – i am in control of my life and am responsible for my direction and future.”

WHAT!??! This is insane, never have I heard my mom speak like this. She tends to play the victim – and I hear myself doing it too when I feel down about life, and she told me, “STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM, you are capable and beautiful and smart and you have the talent to go far.” My mom has never told me this, usually it’s me and my middle sister telling her this. I am blown away, and it made my eyes water.

She is continuing to say, ‘that is the past and its a new day!” on the call. It is incredible! Whew – I feel some relief, and am still trying to be humble and not arrogant and live in gratitude and look forward, but my session with you was truly eye opening. Thank you so much! I have to work on this within myself and will continue to do so… not saying I am ‘cured’ or that my issues are completely resolved, but I truly sense that things are going to change. ”

Beautiful story illustrating the power of family constellations! (posted with a permission from a client)