Father’s Blessing

I recently facilitated a constellation for a young Turkish woman who’d been struggling to find her life’s purpose and achieve greater fulfillment. For people who’d never done constellations before I like to start with parents as usually this is where it starts. We selected members of the group to represent her Mother, her Father, Life Purpose and herself. Initially, the Family Constellation showed that she had lovely relationships with her parents, especially with her father.

However, as a young man the father had experienced the hardship of carrying the responsibility for the whole family. The constellation revealed that because of his experiences, he became over-protective. Now he was uneasy about her embarking on her own journey and remained unwilling to let go. For her, moving on with her own life also meant possibly disappointing him.

After we did some rituals and made a few healing statements the young woman was able to let go of her father and embrace her future and Life Purpose. Despite this breakthrough, her father remained uneasy about her future, but her mother promised to take care of him.

And then something fascinating and unexpected happened. The next day the “rep” for her father told me this story: “While I was driving home (after the constellation) the same sticky feeling that I couldn’t let go came back. And a word came up. Tamam. And it kept repeating. It was almost like it wouldn’t leave me alone if I would not act on it. So at home I googled tamam and the first thing that popped up was a translation link, tamam is turkish and it means ok. It felt like a whole lineage wants the lady to know that it’s going to be ok. She is not alone.”

I passed the message on to the young woman who was very touched by this “message.” And at this point the constellation was finally completed.

It’s an amazing aspect of Family Constellations that proves unequivocally that we are all connected and are part of a larger Field of Consciousness. And by healing one, we all heal.

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