Love Triangle

Anonymous (Name is hidden due to confidentiality) Constellations can be brutally clarifying. There is something to learn from my story. A few months ago, I found myself in a situation which I don’t wish on anyone. I’ve been married for 20+ years and my marriage is not a very happy one. My husband is a […]

How I Came to Love my Mom

Anonymous (Name is hidden due to confidentiality) As long as I remember, I had difficult relationship with my Mom. She wasn’t a bad mom, she tried her best to be a good mom and that’s why I could never really understand why I had problems with her. In my twenties I realized that I hated […]

Bruce Springsteen’s memoir and Family Constellations

There was an article in local newspaper yesterday about Bruce Springsteen’s new memoir, “Born to Run.” The article discussed Springsteen’s life-long struggle with depression and the stigma associated with mental illness. What struck me was his statement that “he was afraid he might reprise his father’s depression.” This is exactly the kind of trans-generational trauma […]

What to do after your constellation (after-care)

Often we seem to have accurate insights into the causes of the problems that exist in our lives and with our families, while still remaining completely stuck. In a constellation we receive new insights and healing images in a non-verbal way. We absorb them directly through the senses. We see new images of our family. […]